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  • Old Testament, as the first covenants for chosen people of God, was the book for the words of prophecy, about Jesus who would save his people from their sins, given through angels led by Holy Spirit according to God's will.

    Thus the time with the words of prophecy is called as the age of the first covenant or as the age of the Law.

    And New Testament, as the new covenant for chosen people of God, was the book for the missions of the Trinity God, to accomplish their promises that was predicted with the first covenants.
    Therefore this book was written to preach the words of truth as gospel for salvation.

    Thus the time with gospel for salvation is called as the age of grace, or as the final age because it will continue until the second coming of Jesus.

    To save his people who had been chosen before he created the world, God established Israel with the age of the Law, as the copy and the shadow of the nation for his spiritual people.

    And through the Law, God gave to Israelites the first covenant that was predicted with his promises to save his chosen people by the new covenant to be given in the future.
    Thus the age of the Law is called as the age of the first covenant.

    At the time of God, God sent his one and only Son to the world, and made him as the Son of Man with the flesh.


  • 저자 : David K.
    Jesus who was sent to the world preached the words of truth and did his missions with the Cross and the Resurrection, as the missions for testimony of gospel through his missions in spirit for three years on earth.

    And those missions was written by the writer of each book by the leading of Jesus in their Counselor, to make 4 gospel books of Jesus with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    Then the writers who wrote those books have saved with the Counselor from on high, thus by the leading of Jesus in their Counselors, they were able to write those books.
    Therefore the Bible has been called as the books that were written through those who were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

    But Apostles' books as their letters for gospel and also other's books as their letters for gospel based on 4 gospel books testified by Jesus.
    And those books were written by the writer of each book through the leading of Jesus in their Counselor.

    Hebrews was one of those books as a letter for gospel.
    By the way the writer of Hebrews has not been found but Hebrews was contained in the Bible without writer.
    Then the Bible was not required the writer of the books because the Bible was written by the leading of Jesus in the Counselor of the writers.

    On this way New Testament in the Bible is the book for the words of truth given by Jesus, therefore the writer of each book was the recorder to make the book, but he was not author of the book.


  • Chapter 1:
    ? Jesus is the radiance of God's glory and the exact    representation of his being: 10 
    ? Jesus had much superior name to angel's name: 12
    ? Jacob's first birthright to be bought from Esau, and Jesus' first-fruit of gospel as the firstborn of   
        God  16: 
    ? Jesus as firstborn, your throne will last forever: 17
    ? I will make your enemies a footstool for your feet: 21

    Chapter 2:
    ? The Law was given by Angels, but Great Salvation   was given by the voice of Jesus: 24
    ? About writer of this book and great salvation: 26
    ? What is the chosen people, what is the Son of Man: 31
    ? God made the Son of Man a little lower than the      angels: 32
    ? The One who makes men holy, and those who are   made holy: 36
    ? The high priest Jesus who declare the name of      LORD to the congregation: 37
    ? God the Son to receives worship and resurrected Jesus to serve worship: 38
    ? Those who their whole life were held in slavery by their fear of death: 41

    Chapter 3:
    ? The great honor of Jesus Christ, as a son over God's house: 44 
    ? Those who hear his voice in spirit: 46
    ? That generation in desert who did not hear his voice in spirit: 51

    Chapter 4:
    ? Sabbath by the Law and God's rest in spirit: 53
    ? Canaan as the promised land: 57

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